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Mini militia is one of the super cool multiplayer shooting game. The developer Appsomniacs has created this wonderful game for iOS and android. But don't worry we will help you to install mini militia for pc also. Doodle army 2 has got wonderful user interface. They have also provided an option to play doodle army 2 online with players across the world. Apart from that it also provides an option to combat your friends connected to the local wifi hotspot. One can play with up to 12 players via LAN WiFi and with 6 players online. It has also got the survival and training mode where as a newbie you can practice. Apart from that it provides some super cool customization features of avatars and names. You can change the costumes and controls from the settings. Few customization are available under mini militia pro pack only. As the game play has gone popular among students many have started to hack mini militia. Now you can even upgrade to mini militia pro pack for free with the mod apk versions. In other words, as the game become famous, the cheats for the game also increased gradually.

What if you could play mini militia on windows computer?  Sounds interesting right? Yes, it is now possible to play doodle army 2 mini militia on pc with the android emulators like bluestacks or andy player. Bluestacks is always preferable as it has got many new features. It's also possible to customize the controls in bluestacks easily. The major benefit of playing mini militia in computer is the big screen and easy controls with your keyboard and mouse. You will get the effect of playing control strike.

Download mini militia for PC

You need not much complicate to download mini militia for PC. It's a cake walk. You would just need teh apk file of doodle army 2. You may download the latest version of mini militia from the below link.

And the special thing to note about this version is that, it is a mod apk file which has got all the pro pack features. You need not upgrade. It has got all the premium features like avatar customization, double gun in online play, unlimited coins, more weapons, etc... 

How to install Mini militia for PC with bluestacks?

  1. Download the latest version of bluestacks emulator. 
  2. Install bluestacks on your pc.
  3. Download the mini militia mod apk file from the above link. 
  4. On opening the downloaded file, it will get installed in bluestacks. 
  5. Now open the bluestacks and you will find android tab at the top. 
  6. Clicking on it you will find mini militia icon.
  7. Left click on it once to open the game. 
  8. Then you have to set up the controls for playing the game. 
  9.  To do so, choose settings -> controls -> placement. 
  10. Now tap on the keyboard mapping at the top right. Check below image.
  12.  Now you have to drag and drop the D-pad to the movement. 
  13. Then drag and drop the tap option over bomb, punch and zoom. 
  14. Then setup the keys for every control.
  15. Once done click on save. 
  16. Now return to the game and enjoy playing it. 
  17. You can control the movement with your keyboard and shoot with your mouse. 
  18. As simple as that :) 


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